Vivid Imagery.
Hello! Hannah is my name, I'm 18 years old and counting. I've been told I'm uniqe. I have a different taste in things . I'm a cowgirl but I love vintage.
The love of my life is my four legged friend, Playboy. I live in the future instead of the present and I believe there is good in the world.
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The squeaky duel. Ollie and bubba.

So everyone was drinking tonight, my buddy was bragging about his truck to everyone, some guy gets in his little beater to leave, and backs into my buddies truck. Hahahaha. I died

I cannot stand when people call others dorky or nerdy because of their passions. I drive a truck, have horses, wear my blue jeans and boots, and I rodeo. But yes, I read, write, I’m into graphic designing, and I like manga. Doesn’t make me any different than you.
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